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The Dauntless Dreamer December Monthly ReCap

December Monthly Re-Cap

December Monthly Re-Cap I can’t believe the first month of The Dauntless Dreamer is already over.  I have to say, I’m beyond happy with the progress I’ve made in the first month – it’s far more than I expected.  Since it’s my first month, I don’t have a lot to re-cap, but here it goes……


Friends Workout

Who doesn’t love Friends?  It’s such an iconic show.  I love watching reruns all the time and they come on several times EACH DAY.  I think that shows how much that show is loved. Guess what’s even better though?  Starting the 1st, Friends is now on Netflix.  So, you can watch your favorite episode or…


Gilmore Girls Workout

Gilmore Girls Workout There are many obstacles I face when the thought of working out crosses my mind. I work from home and we share a vehicle, meaning I really can’t go anywhere while Kaleb is at work. I live in Michigan and it is winter time which pretty much takes out the possibility of…

friday favorites the dauntless dreamer

Friday Favorites #4

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas yesterday!  Nothing super spectacular this year but I am happy to be back home spending it with Kaleb – I was going to be in Asia. Here are this week’s Friday Favorites… I need these velociraptor earrings more than I need many things.  (via : huiyitan) This adora-bull…

friday favorites the dauntless dreamer

Friday Favorites #3

Every Friday, I’ll be posting my favorite things I’ve found all over the internet.  Basically, it’s a glimpse into my odd mind. I love these awesome thumbtacks – so whimsical! (via : AbbieDabbles) These gorgeous marquee arrow lamps – I need one of these in my house! (via : LamplightDesignCo) These amazing measuring cups that…

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