The Best Fit Females to Follow on Instagram


The Best Fit Females to Follow on Instagram

As I’m trying to get a handle back on my fitness and health, I often turn to my favorite social media to get inspired by some amazing women.  These are in my opinion the best fit females to follow on instagram:

1. @christmasabbott

Christmas Abbott has been one of my favorite female athletes for a long time. She’s been doing Crossfit since the beginning and she’s pretty amazing at it. Her tattoos are pretty awesome too!

2. @yoga_girl Rachel travels around the world while posting photos of herself doing yoga poses. She makes me WANT to start yoga which I’ve admittedly never done. No time like the present, right?!

3. @basebodybabes This is a joint account between sisters who are also personal trainers based in Sydney. I love all their photos.

4. @jenselter Jen Selter is literally known for her butt on Instagram with many stating she is the only person who can rival Kim K’s. Difference is, I actually find Jen Selter inspiring and a good fitness role model.

5. @anniethorisdottir Besides the fact that she’s a 2nd time “Fittest Women on Earth” in the Crossfit Games, she’s just so darn cute. And, she’s from Iceland so I’m a big fan!

6. @fitgirlfuel Marie is ONLY 19 years old! That is super inspiring and also makes me feel 1) super old and 2) super unproductive.

7. @camillelbaz

Camille is not only a 5x Crossfit Games participant, but she was last year’s winner and “Fitest Woman on Earth.” On top of that, she is also getting her chemical engineering degree. And, she’s gorgeous.

8. @gypsetgoddess

Caitlin is another who travels around the world while posting photos of her in yoga poses. Love it!

9. @juliefocher

Julie is also a Crossfit Games athlete and is in school to become a doctor. How much more inspiring does it get?

10. @kristenleannefit

I love Kristen for so many reasons and how inspiring she is fitness wise is just one of them. This is her fitness specific account while she has a much larger following on her general account : @kristenxleanne


I’m always looking for more inspiring fit females to follow on Instagram.  Do you have any more to add to this list?

Let me know in the comments!

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