Weekly Workouts


Vikings Workout

VIKINGS WORKOUT I’ve become obsessed with History Channel’s show Vikings – it’s absolutely amazing! Kaleb and I are already obsessed with all things Scandinavian and Viking related but I hadn’t seen the show yet until recently. I pretty much power watched the first 3 seasons so I could get caught up for the new season…


Superbowl Workout

I’ve been doing weekly workouts for shows lately like Gilmore Girls, Girls and Friends. With the Superbowl coming up on Sunday, I thought I’d do one for that. Enjoy! If you’re looking for healthy snacks too, check out these Paleo Superbowl snacks! Happy Superbowl Sunday!


Girls Workout

Are you a fan of Lena Dunham’s show Girls on HBO?  If you’ve never watched it, do yourself a favor. It’s amazing. And, season 4 starts tonight!  I can’t wait and decided to do this week’s workout based on the show.  Enjoy!         Are there any shows you’d like to see a…


Friends Workout

Who doesn’t love Friends?  It’s such an iconic show.  I love watching reruns all the time and they come on several times EACH DAY.  I think that shows how much that show is loved. Guess what’s even better though?  Starting the 1st, Friends is now on Netflix.  So, you can watch your favorite episode or…


Gilmore Girls Workout

Gilmore Girls Workout There are many obstacles I face when the thought of working out crosses my mind. I work from home and we share a vehicle, meaning I really can’t go anywhere while Kaleb is at work. I live in Michigan and it is winter time which pretty much takes out the possibility of…

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