Gilmore Girls Workout

Gilmore Girls Workout

There are many obstacles I face when the thought of working out crosses my mind.

I work from home and we share a vehicle, meaning I really can’t go anywhere while Kaleb is at work.

I live in Michigan and it is winter time which pretty much takes out the possibility of doing an outdoors workout.

I live in a small town which meant even when I do have the vehicle, there is no gym.

I lack self-motivation.

Despite all these forces working against me, I actually like working out once I can get myself going – it makes me feel great.  It’s just the moments leading to the actual physical fitness.  I do love watching some of my favorite shows while taking breaks from working and that’s where I decided to come up with a new series.

Combining shows or movies with exercising.  You’re welcome.

I’m aware I’m not the first to come up with this concept, but these are just my own takes on them and what I personally do while watching these particular shows.

First up, Gilmore Girls.  It’s my go-to show when I just want to take a breather and/or get some inspiration.



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  1. December 27, 2014 @ 12:01 PM Mryjhnsn

    this idea is great! I don’t watch the show but may have to adapt it to another show I watch!

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