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Friday Favorites #6

AHHH my Game of Thrones nerdy self is loving this Winter is Coming brooch.  I need it! (via : kateslittlestore) I would wrap every present I ever gave in this paper if I had it.  (via : NormansPrintery) This painted map of Africa clutch is great!  Africa is my dream destination so I’d love to…

365 photo challenge 2015

365 Project Week One : Newness

Last week, I committed to doing a 365 photo challenge this year.  I’ll be posting weekly updates every Monday.  Here’s the first week’s photos (only 4 since it was a short week).  This week’s theme was ‘Newness.’  Check out next week and the following week’s prompts here. Day 1 | Newness A New Day, A…

friday favorites the dauntless dreamer

Friday Favorites #5

This ‘For Fox Sake’ Mug – I love it! (via : Infinitymugs) This adorable tea cup stack ring – I really want this – as in it’s going to mysteriously hinted at my boyfriend (via : jesiiii) This girl does these amazing princess rap battles. They are the best thing ever! This amazing Harry Potter…

The Dauntless Dreamer December Monthly ReCap

December Monthly Re-Cap

December Monthly Re-Cap I can’t believe the first month of The Dauntless Dreamer is already over.  I have to say, I’m beyond happy with the progress I’ve made in the first month – it’s far more than I expected.  Since it’s my first month, I don’t have a lot to re-cap, but here it goes……


Friends Workout

Who doesn’t love Friends?  It’s such an iconic show.  I love watching reruns all the time and they come on several times EACH DAY.  I think that shows how much that show is loved. Guess what’s even better though?  Starting the 1st, Friends is now on Netflix.  So, you can watch your favorite episode or…

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