Starting the Paleo Diet

Starting the Paleo Diet

starting the paleo diet What is the Paleo diet anyway?  Does it have something to do with dinosaurs?  Do you really eat like cavemen (and women)?  Are these some of your questions when you hear the words Paleo diet? No, unfortunately it has nothing to do with dinosaurs but I like to pretend – hence the picture. Yes, you do eat like cavemen.  Or, that’s the general idea.  The concept is to eat only what you could hunt and gather – you know when humans used to actually work for their food instead of use a microwave.  Driving your car to your nearest McDonald’s is not defined as hunting and gathering – sorry to break the news! Confesstion time – this won’t be my first time starting the Paleo diet.  I actually was way ahead of the curve and was eating Paleo before most people had even heard of it.  I ate it pretty perfectly when I was also practicing Crossfit before that was well known too.  Now, I don’t eat Paleo or do Crossfit.  Basically, I suck. The reasons why I quit mainly were due to me moving back to Tennessee and back in with family which meant lots of good Southern food.  Excuses, I know. So, here I am wanting to get back in the rhythm again.  And, lucky for my boyfriend, he gets to eat it too. So, I’ll be planning my meal plans for the next week today and making my grocery list.  After Kaleb’s work Christmas party (read: lots of non-paleo food), we’ll be hitting up the grocery so I (errr, we) can start bright and early tomorrow. For now, I leave you with a few of my favorite paleo bloggers.  I know times have changed since I ate this way 2 years ago and I’ll probably find many more I enjoy but these are the ones that I enjoyed then and have made it pretty big since I last left them. Nom Nom Paleo – let me just tell you her recipes are amazing and her photography is almost just as good as the food.  This lamb burger is still one of my favorite meals even if I wasn’t eating paleo. PaleOMG – her writing is worth reading even if you don’t care about paleo or food for that matter.  She’s hilarious.  Even better, her recipes are amaaaazing.  One of my favorites are these spaghetti and meatball bites. Mark’s Daily Apple – one of my favorite things about this site are the success stories.  So inspirational. Do you know of any that you would like to share?  Do you have any personal experience with this way of eating?

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  1. December 8, 2014 @ 9:18 AM sarah

    I’ve heard so much about this diet from friends and I’m interested to learn more! Good luck with it and can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  2. December 9, 2014 @ 12:25 AM Lauren

    I love the paleo diet!! It is such a great way to eat, and it gives you energy!

  3. December 9, 2014 @ 12:31 AM Jen Lawrence

    Wow! Kudos to you. I know something like this takes discipline and determination. Great that your boyfriend can be a support and join you in the journey.

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