Vegan Challenge | The Day Before

Vegan Challenge | The Day Before

I honestly can’t believe I’m typing this.

I’m almost 30 years old and I grew up eating meat.  A lot of meat.  I’d say meat was the focal point of every meal for the most part.  And, I will admit, I love the taste of meat.  I love eggs.  I love cheese.  I love milk.

So, how the heck did I get to this moment that I’m truly considering going Vegan?

Well, I still honestly don’t know the answer.  I mean I know the deep-rooted answer.  But, I don’t know why now.  Nothing specific happened.  I didn’t watch some crazy documentary or read a book.  I didn’t witness an animal being slaughtered.  I mean nothing major happened.  However, for the past month or so, I’ve randomly had the thought of going vegan keep popping up into my head and very consistently at that.

This has honestly never happened before.  I’ve never been anti-vegan – I just never thought it was for me or given it any thought.  Now, all the sudden, I’ve been thinking about it more and more and it’s been weighing on my mind.

When I said earlier that I know the deep-rooted answer that’s because in retrospect, I could have seen this coming.  I’m an animal lover and I don’t just mean, I have a pet dog – which I do, but that’s beside the point.  I mean, I want a pet cow for real one day and the thought that someone would want to eat said pet cow, infuriates me.  Every time I’d see veal (the one meat I didn’t want to try) packaged at the store, I’d get sad.  When I was pregnant before (yes, I’ve been pregnant before but miscarried), I all the sudden didn’t want to eat eggs because I thought about baby chickens.  Just little things like that should have made me realize that I was one day going to have an epiphany about eating meat and animal products.

Yet, I somehow swept it under the rug every time meal time came around because…well, it’s how I grew up and I enjoy the taste.

I was a bit nervous to explain my feelings to my boyfriend because like me, he enjoys meat as well.  I didn’t think he would see my reasonings – not because he’s unsupportive but because he grew up even more accustomed to meat than me.  But, when I told him – two days ago by the way – he immediately said, “I think that’s the right decision for you.”

That’s how I really knew this was for me.  If I was thinking it and my meat-loving boyfriend immediately agreed, then I had my answer.  I needed to at least give this a shot purely out of fairness to myself.

All of this, doesn’t even begin to talk about the health benefits behind it for me.  I’ve had so many issues and complications from infertility, chronic migraines, body aches, acne, exhaustion, joint pain, gastro problems and much more!  I’ve tried a number of different food lifestyles but either can’t stick to them or they don’t help.

I’m planning on keeping a pretty detailed diary of my Vegan month.  I’m a visual person and to see my progress mentally, physically and emotionally will definitely help and honestly, I hope it can help someone else too.  I hope this is something I really enjoy and continue forever.  The more I move towards this, the more I feel me and like it’s the right thing.

Today, I spent the day grocery shopping, following Vegan instagrammers for inspiration, finding some recipes and admittedly eating a lot of sushi and ice cream as I’ll miss those two things.

What tips do you have for me?






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  1. May 1, 2016 @ 8:42 PM Kara

    I’m excited to follow this lifestyle change with you Ashley as I also planned a big change to begin tomorrow. My challenge is a bir different however. I’m cleaning up my diet by removing the highly sensitive foods and detoxing. I know how difficult this is. It feels great to accomplish this as “food” is my family’s drug of choice.

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